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Basic QA/QC Concepts Fact Sheet (PDF document)

World Water Monitoring Day Activity Guide for Virginia

Government Sponsored Publications

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (National Service Center for Environmental Publications, NSCEP) –

U.S. Geological Survey (national publications) –

U.S. Geological Survey (Virginia Water Science Center publications) –

Virginia Cooperative Extension

Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation

Virginia Water Resources Research Center


Bay Journal (Chesapeake Media Service) –

National Water Monitoring News (National Water Quality Monitoring Council) –

Rivers and Coast (Center for Coastal Resources Management, Virginia Institute of Marine Science) –

Virginia Coastal Zone Management Magazine (Virginia Coastal Zone Management) –

Volunteer Monitoring News (National Water Quality Monitoring Council) –

Water Glossaries and Other Information

All About Water (Berkey Water Filters)

Aquatic Insects of Central Virginia (Blog by Bob Henricks) –

Cyanobacteria Image Gallery (Cyanosite, supported by Biological Sciences at Purdue University and Wichita State University) –

Dictionary of Water Terms (U.S. Geological Survey) –

Fundamentals of Environmental Measures (Fondriest Environmental) –

Glossary of Water Terms (Clean Virginia Waterways) (PDF document) –

Publications (Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative) –

Terms & Acronyms (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) –

The Water Cycle, Cloud Formation, and Rainbows Explained (Avas Flowers) –

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