2018 VWMC Conference

“Exploring Emerging Water Issues”

Henrico County Training Center, Henrico, Va.
Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Virginia DEQ and Citizen Bacteria Monitoring — James Beckley; Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.
Shenandoah River Water Quality Changes Over Time — Wayne Webb; Lord Fairfax Soil and Water Conservation District and Friends of Shenandoah River.
Virginia Conservation Assistance Program (VCAP): Making a Difference in Henrico Waters — Stacey Heflin; Henricopolis Soil & Water Conservation District.
Making Urban Trees Count: A Stormwater Crediting Framework for Urban Tree Planting — Neely L. Law, PhD; Center for Watershed Protection.
Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative: Connecting the Dots with Volunteer Monitors – Liz Chudoba, Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay.
An Overview of Virginia’s Healthy Waters Initiative — Gregory C. Garman, PhD; VCU Rice Rivers Center.
• Plastic Pollution as a Vector for Pathogens — Amanda Laverty; Biological Oceanography, Old Dominion University.
Drones: A New Tool for Water Monitoring — Donglai Gong, PhD; Virginia Institute of Marine Science.
Freshwater Salinization Syndrome: An Emerging Threat in Virginia’s Rivers? — Shahan Haq; Department of Geology, University of Maryland
ColiFind: A Digital Image Analysis Application to Identify E. coli Colonies in Coliscan Easygel Water Quality Tests — Ana Humphrey; T.C. Williams High School.


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Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
Virginia Water Resources Research Center
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